Have you checked out Volunteer Opportunities at Clark?

Please take a moment and see what opportunities there are to be involved in at Clark Elementary (here)

At ClarkPTA.org you can also see a calendar of events, become a PTA Member and sign up for SharkBites- Clark PTA News to keep up to date with events and what’s going on a Clark.

If you plan on volunteering at the school or with Clark PTA you need to complete the ISD Volunteer Application . This is required annually so everyone needs to complete this before you’ll be allowed to volunteer. Please complete this ASAP so you’re not waiting to volunteer until this is completed and you are approved.

Clark PTA’s goal for the 2018/19 school year is 100% involvement and we understand that this looks different for each family and each individual. If you can’t find an opportunity that fits but you’re interested in being involved please email Moonhee Bischof at volunteers@clarkpta.org